Living the Word

While we grow in studying the Word of God, the real goal is a daily walk that demonstrates living the Word, showing Christlikeness, expressing the mind of God.  These short articles are various types of practical expression of my own growth in that process, learning and expressing truth, and being reminded that God is definitely not done with me yet!

  • The Outstretched Hand of God
    • A look into the sovereignty of God and a reminder of what we already know about God.
  • Run the Race
    • Starting with Hebrews 12:1-2, and thinking about our “race of a lifetime” in the stadium of life.  Just listen to that crowd!
  • Disrupted Lifestyle
    • Take a look at the paradigm shift in the evangelical church related to how we exercise our core mission and how we minister to the world.
  • A Harmony of the Gospels
    • A look at a valuable Bible study tool.
  • A Heart for God’s Word
    • A plenary statement of how a child of God should approach His Word (hint: with passion).  “A true heart for God will motivate us to seek Him diligently in His book.”
  • Christian Life 101
    • Some basics to settle as you start your Christian life.
  • Peter’s Testimony
    • A fictional recounting of hearing Peter give his testimony at a gathering of believers.
  • Ixthus – The Sign of the Fish
    • An introduction to the meaning of the Greek word that became a precious shared identity for Christians from the first century until now.
  • In His Image
    • An initial Bible study on the person of Christ.