Bible Study Journal

Use a Bible Study Journal!

In our Bible Studies, you will often see a reminder for you to be using your “Bible Study Journal”.  It’s possible you don’t have one, or even know what it is, but please seriously consider starting today!

Whenever you sit down to do “serious” Bible Study, you should be ready to take notes.  The exercise of thinking things through in order to put your thoughts in writing helps you to recall more efficiently.

Bible Study Journal
When you see this heading, there will be verses to look up and questions or observations to consider.  Be ready to grab your Bible to examine its truths thoroughly and record what you learn as a result!  The idea is to look the various Bible verses up and think about how they relate to the passage covered in the Bible study.  Hopefully you have a good study Bible (look here for more information about that) which can give you additional related verses and commentary that will expand your understanding of our study.

You might use pen & paper for your journal, maybe a spiral bound notebook – that will work fine.  It’s cool to go to a book store and find a blank hardbound journal that fits your style.  Or you might prefer to keep your journal digitally.  I use Microsoft OneNote because it works like a notebook, and I can get to it wherever I have internet access.  However you journal, make it enjoyable – choose a journaling method & style that fits you – be creative, lrn how to abbrev, and “dig in” to God’s Word!  Here are two great articles ( 1 2) on notetaking – they’re long but have great ideas!

Also, take a look at this article to think further about spending time in God’s Word.  We really do need to take Bible Study seriously as an essential habit of our life!