About Ted


Stay in the Word is my life-work having been blessed by God to spend my life studying and teaching His Word.  Whether large or small groups, one-on-one, or preaching, I have been committed to elevating the enthusiasm and responsibility of every child of God to be a student of God’s Word.  Early in my life, I was challenged to make the character of my ministry be to energize believers to be capable holders of the Sword of God’s Word, carefully discerning its truths, searching out the scope and depth of God’s wisdom and developing the ability to disciple others to do the same.

From High School in Lakeland, FL, I went to Philadelphia College of Bible, where God established my heart in ministry and the Word.  God led my wife & I together during this time and after two years there, we transferred to Baptist Bible College in Clark’s Summit, PA (now Summit University).

After serving in two Indiana churches, I joined Word of Life Local Church Ministries and represented that ministry in western Ohio, working to grow quality local church youth ministries throughout the area, equipping the leaders in their ministry and leading major youth events.  After six years, God opened the opportunity for me to study at Grace Theological Seminary.  We moved our family of three children to Winona Lake, IN and I worked through earning my M.Div.  My love for God’s Word deepened as I gained deeper knowledge of theology and original languages.  God allowed me to enjoy another church ministry in Indianapolis with youth, Christian Education and music ministry, as well having a fourth child born into our family. God then opened an opportunity for us to move our family of four children to Florida.

After moving to Tampa, FL, I experienced a big change in my life by taking a position with Chase Manhattan Bank.  I proceeded to discover God-given aptitudes that I never knew existed and began to develop strong skills in procurement, technology and project management.   I spent the next 20 years with Chase and then Citibank developing those disciplines, and also earned an MBA in Technology Management.

Before and during that time, as a layman ministering in my local church, I have continued through more than 40 years of life investing my energy in ministering with adult Bible studies.  I am amazed at the grace God has blessed me, my wife and my family with through these years. While I can see times when I wasn’t following My Shepherd as closely as I needed too, His grace has always remained abundant and constant.  My privilege is to continue my commitment to know, teach and enable others in God’s Word and encourage those I communicate with to develop  a passion for God & His Word.