Genesis #2 – Seven Literal Days

To look at the book of Genesis as a whole, there really is only one major milestone – Creation!  Before Gen. 1:1, there was nothing.  Then the Creation Event burst out of the mind & hand of God and brought into existence every atom, gas, planet, and creature of the universe.  The “world” — Earth and its fascinating neighbors of the solar systems, galaxies, and nebulae — came into being.   Then the sovereign creator of the universe continued actively creating, maintaining, and providing for His creation.  Every part of the remaining Genesis record demonstrates that truth, a truth which continues its activity through every page of the Bible, every page of man’s history, and every moment of our own life.

Of course, there has always been a substantial portion of the human race which has struggled to establish their own independence apart from the One True God of the Bible.  In truth, all of man’s history amounts to being a “cosmic struggle” (I say that to grab the attention of our Marvel/DC/Star Trek/Stars Wars enthusiasts), a very real  struggle between God & Satan for the sake of man’s destiny (see Eph. 2:2; 6:12).  It started with Satan, Adam  & Eve in the Garden, then to Cain and the rest of humanity.  This struggle is the core influence of every aspect of man’s experience in every corner of our world today.

The Creation Event itself is a touchstone point of reference for making it clear to all mankind just how critical it is to recognize the existence of God and His sovereignty.  The One True God, the God of Israel, the Master Creator.   D.Martin Lloyd-Jones commented that if Genesis isn’t literal history, we don’t have Redemption!


6 Reasons for a Literal Six-day Creation

      1. God’s goodness is reflected in the Original Creation and we see His character demonstrated in creation every day
      2. Adam’s sin resulted in universal corruption & death
        • Note that God’s curse on creation (thorns & mosquitos) didn’t occur until after Adam’s sin
      3. The biblical pattern of Creation/Fall/Redemption culminates in the New Creation of being born again
      4. Scripture must be used to interpret Scripture
        • Instances occur throughout the Bible that link dependency on a literal 6-day creation
      5. Essential biblical doctrines are embedded in history
        • There is a necessary connection between events of history & Christian doctrine, 1 Cor.15; 2 Pet.3
        • The unbeliever says “if a man really rose from the dead, that changes everything” – liberal Christian, “if there really was a global flood, that changes everything”! Why, yes it does!
      6. Biblical presuppositional thinking helps us understand the discipline of science
        • Science is a reasonable, logical discipline
        • People bring their own glasses to interpretation of facts – Isaiah 2:22, “stop regarding man in whose nostrils is breath, for of what account is he?

This includes the immediate creation of everything in six normal days, a Fall that brought corruption and death into the universe, and a global Flood that destroyed the world.  Many seem unaware of the actual events which they must inevitably adopt if they choose to believe a 13.8 billion-year-old universe.

“I have no Gospel unless Genesis is history.”   – D.Martin Lloyd-Jones

Seven Literal Days

Day 1 – The Earth Created with Light & Darkness

      • The Single Active Person in Creation is God – The term “Elohim” is used 32 times in  Gen.1
      • God spoke – When God speaks, things happen – the mountains begin to tremble!

take notes

Bible Study Journal
Make some notes on how this is expressed in Psa. 33:4-9

      • The Holy Spirit “moved” over the waters
        • this is the third person of the Godhead
        • this “moving” has the sense of to flutter, shake, vibrate – the earth was “energized”
      • Creation is attributed to all 3 persons of trinity

take notesBible Study Journal
Find how each Person is mentioned in Acts 4:24; Jn 1:1-3; and  Psa. 104:30

      • 1:2, “the deep” – water covered the earth
      • God’s first creative work is “let there be light”
        • Slow down here – on the first day of God’s creative work, He creates light!
        • look at John 1:1-14 to see more about God & Light
      • In Gen.1:3-5, we see that the Earth began to rotate, producing day & night
        • Separated light from darkness – God made a spiritual as well physical distinction
        • Since this light is not from the Sun, perhaps it is emanating from God Himself – Hab. 3:3-4; Psa 104:2 – also note that in the future, there is no sun & moon – Rev.21:23; 22:5
        • These verses help answer the question about the sun, moon and stars  created on day 4, Gen. 1:16
      • These are literal 24 hour days – the “Day-age” or “gap” theory is a concoction of skeptics in order to legitimize “theistic evolution” which is an oxymoron – see an example of this errant logic at

Day 2 – Creation of Sea & Sky

      • Two types of water are mentioned, atmospheric & land-based
      • The “expanse” or “firmament” is what man sees when he looks up – the sky, atmosphere, the heavens – see Paul makes a similar reference to  the “third heaven” in 2 Cor.12:2
      • Perhaps something like a dense moisture enshrouded the earth before the sky was created  – this vapor canopy, was like a greenhouse effect – God caused the clouds to “float”

Day 3 –Land & Vegetation Created

      • On days 1 & 2, 4 & 5, one creative work done on each, but there are two great works on works on days 3 & 6
      • Land and sea – this encompasses the  mountains on earth and the ocean depths, great heights & depths – 6 miles up and 7 miles down!
      • Plants created, with seeds ready for propagation – no matter how much agnostic theory is proposed, these plants did not evolve  from a swampy ooze – and as other elements of Creation, vegetation was created with age, fully developed
      • Note that plants need sun and God had already provided that on day 1
      • A key phrase “after their kind” – multiple “families” all specifically created, modern science corroborates this seeing that reproduction only occurs within a “kind”, and there is no magical jump from one kind to another

Day 4 – Sun, Moon, Stars

      • In the first three days, God created three special spaces for things to occur – not He fills these spaces
      • “let there be light-bearers” –  the narrative indicates these bodies are intended to serve man by providing demarcation of time
      • Perhaps light was provided on day 1, but sun & moon separately on day 4 – note v14, to help man keep track of time
      • Consider God created light on the first day, but then on the fourth day the sun, moon, and stars appeared distinctly for the first time. (Constable)
      • In future state, no sun & moon – Rev.21:23; 22:5

Day 5 – Fish & Birds are Created

      • The Creatures of sea & air – think of the quantity, variety and  beauty of what God created!
      • Be fruitful & multiply – the is the first reference to God having “blessed”, in this case His creatures – enabling animals & man to enjoy God’s beautiful creation and reproduce in it
      • Dinosaurs – Job 40;15-41:1

Day 6 – Animals & Man

      • Animals & man “made” in God’s “image” – that’s a big deal… share God’s nature in limited form
        • The animals are to fill the land, and man was to have dominion over all the earth and its creatures
        • Note the profound “discussion” among the Godhead/Trinity – 1:26, let “Us” make man in “Our” image, likeness
      • What does “image” infer? Not just a human form that bears likeness (after all God is Spirit), but the likeness of an actual person; God has attributes – some which are internal to Him and not able to shared be with any other being; others are describable and shareable, God seeks to share His attributes such as love with man  – this also includes life, personality, truth, wisdom, love, holiness, justice
        • God gives man capability for personal, spiritual relationship
        • Man is self-consciousness (animals only consciousness)
        • He has unique personality, a rational mind with the ability to process information to a conclusion
        • He  has emotions, will, creativity, the ability to develop Relationships
      • Man has an inner spiritual nature, the capacity and urgent need to know and worship the One True God

take notesStudy Questions

      1. Read Psalm 8 and make some notes on your thoughts about Creation.
      2. Why did God create water right away in Creation?   What our world be like if we didn’t have salt water? Fresh water?