Ministry Web Site Consulting

It's very possible that your ministry has already started an internet site, or you are keenly aware that you need to!  Either way, you know that your presence there needs to be executed in a way that brings honor to Christ and facilitates the success of your ministry's mission and vision.  Making that happen takes careful planning and consistent execution -- there's no single solution, no magic template to fill in, and no button to push that makes it all happen.

Bringing a web site into existence needs to be an organized project.  OneLife brings a combination of ministry commitment and project management skills to your table to engage your ministry leaders in planning and execution that will enable your ministry to establish an internet presence that will grow along with the rest of your ministry.  Over a 3-6 month timeline, we will work with you to put the plan in gear.

Maintaining your ministry's web site requires focused vision, dedicated leadership, and a clear priority to its success from every key leader in your ministry.  OneLife will work with you to develop strategy and processes that will support this type of long-term commitment.

Some of the many areas of discussion we will work through with you:

bulletWhat is your ministry's mission and vision and how does it translate into internet media?
bulletWhere do you start?
bulletBuilding a team
bulletMaintaining consistency
bulletEngaging church-wide leadership
bulletWhat kind of design? How and when to modify the design.