Ministry Technology Consulting

We all know that technology is expanding all around us at an uncontrollable pace.  Some of it's good, but we know we don't want to be chasing after the "the latest" technology just because it's there.  Technology tools need to be carefully chosen with a plan that considers ministry results, lifetime expectation, and evaluation of upgrade or replacement.  Technology equipment is just another set of instruments placed in our hands so that we can bring glory to God and minister His grace to those in our fellowship.

We are available to become your "technology staff" so that you don't have to feel like you're depending on the advice of the guy who builds computers in his garage, or the salesperson at the local computer store.  You need someone on your team who knows the terrain and can guide you through the hazards.

Some of the ways we can come along side to help:

bulletAssess where your ministry is in the use of technology and where it should be
bulletEstablish proper inventory and control plans for your ministry's technology, such as planning for obsolescence, asset management, software licensing, network design and documentation
bulletProvide access to selected individuals on your leadership team to  "second level" user assistance and technology support