Life Vision…Gain a clear understanding of what God is doing in your life and how that translates into your leadership in ministry

bd04970_[1]We talk a lot these days about “life purpose”.  And that’s good – we need to have a “reason for being”.  But is purpose the main focus?  Can’t we have more than one purpose in our life?  Where does that purpose actually come from?  I think the light needs to come on in your soul, and that light is the brilliance of the Son of God.  This results in clarity of sight, being able to see with godly wisdom with an eternal perspective that drives us forward with vision in ministry. 

The Bible tells us that “where there is no vision, the people perish.”  That’s in Proverbs 29:18, and the translation “perish” in the KJV is translated in the NASB as “unrestrained”.  Interesting difference, but both really make sense.  This Hebrew word says a lot – to let go or leave alone, out of control, neglected.  Every day the news carries stories about the results of these sad conditions – lonely people left to die in suffering, undisciplined  causing  all kinds of havoc, the terrible results of neglect.

Our friends and neighbors wandering around in the darkness of the world’s perspective profess to have vision, and that vision can come from thousands of different directions.  Interestingly usually centering on some type of selfish motivation.  However, as a Christ-honoring Christian,  we have the opportunity to stand up with a vision anchored in Christ.


What is God doing in my life?

Take inventory – get alone for a while and write down the headlines from your walk in Christ this far…

·         When did you receive Christ as Savior, how?

·         Where were you in life when you became a Christian?


The challenge however is that we must be committed to a life-long pursuit of godliness so this vision can translate into action.